Perth Pet Cremation has a dedicated pet loving team and is always available to answer your very important questions.


Q:How do I know it is my pet’s ashes I receive back?

A: Perth Pet Cremation loves all animals and we understand what our clients need and give careful consideration to the small details. Every pet is given an identification number, and we check and re-check every detail every step of the way. Perth Pet Cremation gives you an unconditional guarantee of INDIVIDUAL PET CREMATION. We return your beloved pet’s ashes with an official cremation certificate.

Q:Do you take care of small pets such as snakes, ferrets, fish, lizards, birds etc?

A: Yes. All beloved pets are treated with the highest level of care and dignity by giving them a beautiful final farewell that all pet owners will cherish forever. We have a special price for pet owners requiring the cremation of pocket pets such as guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, mice, fish, lizards, budgies and rats.

Q:Are there any hidden costs?

A: Our package prices include the collection of your pet from your veterinary clinic (metro area). The only additional costs would be rural veterinary clinics and home collections.

Q:Can I view my pet before the cremation?

A: Yes. Perth Pet Cremation offer a viewing of your loved one. When you arrive you will have private time with your beloved pet in one of our viewing rooms. We invite you to bring any objects like toys, flowers, photos and letters that can be placed with your pet to go with them on their journey. We also encourage your family to bring along your other pets, that may be distressed after losing their friend, to allow them to know they have passed away.

Q:What do I do with my beloved pet’s ashes?

A: One of the hardest decisions when losing your pet is what to do with their ashes.
Pets have their own character. You may want to think about scattering your pet’s ashes at a special place that you shared, like their favourite park or at the beach. Alternatively, you may want to consider keeping them somewhere close to you such as under a favourite tree or spot in the house they loved to lay. You can also wear a keepsake to remember them by.

Q:Can I have a payment plan for my pets funeral?

A: Yes. Perth Pet Cremation offers a payment plan to suit your budget and help you give your pet a dignified and caring farewell without the hardship of one payment. Just enquire with our team on the phone, they are here to help you through this step by step.

Q:Do you pick my pet up after hours?

A: Yes. Perth Pet Cremation offers an after hours service. A small fee will be incurred for after hours weekdays and weekend collections. Please ask our helpful team for the prices.